Entry #11

Update 1.1!

2017-05-29 16:12:26 by Piggybank12


Since the game jam is still going for the rest of today, I'm pushing a quick hot n' spicy update for Dust Bunnies your way this Memorial Day!

Some significant stuff, and some little stuff, although those may be rather subjective definitions for the following:

  • Some new options in the Options menu, including WASD key support and swapping the Left and Right mouse buttons!  Combine those with the Space Bar to Jump option to get something much closer to a traditional WASD/Mouse combo.
  • You can now switch weapons by also pressing the 1, 2 or 3 buttons on the keyboard.
  • Normal mode now has some bunnies in the level that are lit on fire!  One touch from a burning bunny will kill you and restart the level, just like in Hard mode where every bunny is lit on fire.  It's not the craziest addition, but I hope this helps get players in Normal mode to be a little more on their toes.
  • Mute buttons for Music and Sound are also included, just in case you want to avoid the possibility of your head exploding after listening to the awesome soundtrack for too long.
  • Adjusted volume of awesome soundtrack down to half as loud, so less speakers and headphones explode when the game starts up.
  • Bunnies that are on fire now have a reddish tint to them.  Helps a ton with identifying them from harmless bunnies in a crowd, so you know which way to run away from.

Hopefully I didn't break anything else!  Feel free to let me know if you run into any problems!

Thanks again for checking the game out, and also to everyone who sent in their thoughts so far that inspired these fixes!


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