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Loved every bit of this. Having followed the previous episodes, I love how well you brought everything full circle. And the animation. OH, THE ANIMATION. Seeing Vegeta (or, well, any character) fully animated throughout the entire video was definitely a treat, not to mention that you animated everything extremely well. The sound direction is always a favorite of mine, the references were aplenty, and the fight scenes were composed very well. Seeing you animated this crazy thing mostly by yourself in your own spare time is inspirational in itself, along with seeing how far you've come since starting this humble series.

Whatever you go about doing next, be it a new thing or even more Ducktalez, I'll definitely look forward to it.

I gotta admit, I'm really starting to get into this series you've been running. The idea is interesting, and it's strangely satisfying seeing a character from a completely different era giving his opinion on today's cartoons and productions. Reminds me so very much of my grandparents, and probably always will.

There are some minor things with this episode on the technical front that I've noticed, such as a pretty big volume difference between Conroy and Doggy's voices, and the animation being pretty stiff this time compared to other episodes (which I can forgive for this one thanks to the hurricane, but I was seriously waiting for some crazy camera angles and explosions during the chewing scene, haha), but I don't have any gripes with the writing or the timing.

Great work with this one, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you put together in the future!

Wonderful animation as usual, and I got a laugh or two from the ending as well. It does seem a little lacking though, but not because of the length of the animation like a whole bunch of people seem to claim here.

In fact, I'm not sure where all the complaints about how short it is are coming from. It seems like a perfectly suitable length of time to me, and it doesn't need more time than what it uses in order for the gag to possibly work.

Again, wonderful work Wonchop. Can't wait to see what else you cook up. :)

This is a wonderful little animation you've got here! Everything moves quite fluidly and vivdly, and the designs and rigs look almost exactly like the ones used in the official show. It really does help a lot in making the characters come to life, and helps this excel in the animation department more than a good chunk of the animations on NG.

The main thing I don't like here is the story: not much seems to happen here, in my opinion. Despite this being an animation assignment like you said, perhaps next time you could consider making something a little more "meaty" story-wise, if you catch my drift. It would help a lot with helping this animation stand on something else besides the animation.

Other than that, I've got no complaints. Can't wait to see what else you cook up, MLP or non-MLP!

Flamingo1986 responds:

You hit that one right on the nose (or snout?). This animation was originally designed to be just a puppet experiment. However, towards the latter half of animating it I decided to add a little extra and "spiff" it up with a story. As a result the story suffered while the animation remained top-notch.

I've decided to rectify this with my next pony animation that I'm currently working on. From the ground up it's been treated as a story first, an animation second. It's slated to be released in six parts sometime towards the end of this year.

Excellent ending!

To be perfectly honest, I figured there would be no way either of the characters would be killed off in any way, and that everything would be alright in the end. I didn't know HOW it would happen though, and you certainly did catch me off guard with that ending.

Great job playing with emotions on those last few scenes, and as always great animation and story. Looking forward to another episode if one's in the works!


You know, now that I think about it, that temple didn't seem to be built that well. I mean, as soon as the elevator started going up for the red fella the entire path just started falling apart. Not to mention the fact he fell in that spike trap and avoided the spikes, and how he fell on the one rock and it crumbled apart...

But seriously, I thought this year wasn't going to get any better beyond Spy vs. Pyro, but you proved me wrong. Wonderful job!


I'm glad i came across this when I did. Great animation coupled with the strange style the characters had (ex. hands growing out of the shopkeeper's head, etc.) made this quite the interesting treat.

I'll be looking forward to the rest of your works, that's for sure.

Did I mention this is awesome? Cause it is.

What a way to show a seemingly normal TF2 match blown completely out of proportion. Everthing looked great, the animation was brilliant, and I was laughing like crazy when that ending rolled by. I don't know if I would be on THAT server for very long...

Oh, and Spy+Pyro=Spyro? OF COURSE! DUH! Why didn't I think of that?

Incredible work!

The story, the animation and the sound all blew me away. I mostly loved the polish into it all, especially the scene showing all the slaves working. Yes, this is easily up there with the best on Newgrounds, no doubt about it.

Keep up the good work!

There's Happy, and there's Sad...

This cartoon really did make me think of Who Framed Roger Rabbit for whatever reason, probably because of the excellent animation, characters and song/story. Overall, I'm looking forward to more of this author's works, Noodle or non-Noodle!

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