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A "new" animation!

Posted by Piggybank12 - March 6th, 2018



I just uploaded a "new" animation onto Newgrounds!  It's called Keev!  And the title does actually end with that exclamation mark!  Wow!

Feel free to check that out!

For a little bit of extra history (and to explain the whole "new" thing), the film was completed in December of 2015 as my senior film before graduating college.  I also entered it into the Edinboro Fall Film Festival, where it somehow walked away with a Silver award!  Which I guess means this is the first film I've made that ever won anything at a festival, so that's really cool!

I never really felt comfortable posting the film much of anywhere though.  It wasn't the film I originally wanted to make for my senior film at the time, but to be fair, the scope of the original project was simply too big to do on my own in time for graduation.  I threw together this project in the span of a semester using some scrapped character designs as a backup plan, and was honestly gobsmacked to see the positive reception it got.

Looking back, I felt bummed out that I didn't get to make something I felt was firing on all cylinders.  And yet, people still seemed to enjoy the film, and I know it was certainly fun to make.  It may not be that really big project that I'm still kicking around as of this writing (over two years later?!), but at least Keev was actually finished, and it honestly didn't turn out half-bad in my book!

Anyway, here's some concept art as thanks for reading my rambling:



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Thanks for sharing it on NG, was happy to see it! I wish more animation students would upload their student films here, I don't think they realize how many people here would like to see them.

Thanks so much Tom! That means a lot coming from you!

I'm honestly surprised there aren't more student films on NG as well. I had this film sitting on Tumblr and Vimeo for a couple years, and while they might get bigger numbers in terms of views relative to NG, they mostly just flew under the radar on those platforms when it came to the topic of whether or not anyone really cared about it.

And yet, when I was recently thinking of how I could give my film a proper showing, NG just seemed like a perfect fit. NG looks for finished animation (with a bigger focus on original work, I think), which most student films already achieve. It also helps that, while our numbers here aren't as great as they used to be, most people that do check out a film seem to actually care about what's being submitted and push for a certain level of quality in their feedback.

Whatever that level of quality may be, it just seems to be embedded in the culture here at this point, which is awesome compared to the free-for-all nature of most other platforms. It feels like I'm always being convinced on NG to make the best stuff I can.

ANYWAY, thank you again! I'll see if I can let some friends know you're looking for more student films on here. Dunno if they'll submit anything, but I can at least try to help spread the word and get the idea in their heads!
As for me, I honestly feel really inspired after seeing how Keev was received on NG. I'll be definitely looking into making some more original stuff. :)

Say... Is Keev a boy or a girl?

She's a girl. :)