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Posted by Piggybank12 - February 12th, 2012

Wow, that last journal entry sounds pretty rough when you read it today. How about in an effort to get that old entry off my profile page, let's just stick with a good ol' update on things happening for me recently instead!

First off, I have been really quiet here on NG. Some might say I've been TOO quiet, especially with how key NG was with getting me rolling with animation. To be blunt, I've been doing a plethora of animation work recently, for not just me but many other people and groups as well. I'm currently pursuing an animation degree at my college, and have been extremely fortunate in getting to make a lot of friends with people in the field, both professionals and hobbyists. As a result, I've made leaps and bounds over what my last submission here as of this writing had accomplished, and I have a lot of talented people to thank for that.

So, with that said, as for keeping NG updated with my submissions, that is something I am not sure I will be able to do much anymore, at least not directly. I have a Sonic Short for the Sonic Shorts Collection that will hopefully be coming your way soon via TheWax70, and I am considering submitting my latest big project here as well (except it's my last big My Little Pony creation; I don't know if people here would really go for that or not...), but beyond that is a mystery.

I've been making lots of animated content recently of all kinds for many things and people, but I'll submit to NG simply when I feel the time is right. Got to try and have some level of quality here, am I right?

Until next time!

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urgh listen dude, I'm sorry I gave you such a low score and a crappy review, and thanks for not being like the other retards on newgrounds and swearing your head off
It was a pretty good animation...I just don't like the entire theme of bronies....you know what I mean
Anyway sorry about all that

Don't worry about it, there's no hard feelings. I tend not to freak out when someone gives a crappy review, and not just because there's at least five or eight excellent reviews for every low score review. I don't see a reason to get worked up over them because, although some people make them very crude and rude, they are still voicing an opinion. An opinion is an opinion, and I take them into account regardless and do my best to find a balance with what I want and what people think they want. So don't worry: if your opinion in that review is still your honest opinion about it, I'll still keep it in mind for the future. :)

As for bronies, I know exactly what you mean. I didn't want to cater too much to the MLP fanbase with that animation either; probably the extent of the use of MLP in the animation was the characters and the world. It didn't rely on knowing anything else about the characters besides what was mentioned in the animation, which helped that aspect too.

I also didn't want this to only be appealing to the older fanbase of MLP either: I also wanted kids that watched the show to possibly find something out of this either. I doubt they'll pick up the lessons hidden in the story, but at least it's kid-friendly unlike way too much of the MLP content made out there.

Again, no problem. Thank you for taking the time to write an apology, I completely understand and wish the best of luck to you in whatever you do next!