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Because you love reading updates...

Posted by Piggybank12 - April 3rd, 2012

I wanna make a quick update or two here before I go running off to do some more homework, so I'll do just that.

First off, thank you everyone for the HUGE support you showed for True Friendship. It means a lot to me, and I'm completely blown away by the support it's received. I'm also very sorry that I haven't been able to even come close to answering all the reviews I've received for it, but I do read them all and take note of all the feedback. Yes, ALL OF IT.

Also, as for my activity here on Newgrouds, expect me to go quiet here for a while. I tend not to post anything here on Newgrounds unless it's finished, substantial and is something I think all you folks would like. In other words, you get the best of the best here on NG, but you'll have to wait a while before my next big projects show up here.

And lastly, I have some bad news to report for some of you and some awesome news for the rest. I apparently lied about True Friendship being my last My Little Pony animation project. Yes, I know, I said many times True Friendship would be my very last MLP project unless I got pulled into a studio project and/or I got hired to work for something involved with the show. Apparently, much to my great joy, the former happened.

I have volunteered to help animate segments and do storyboarding for a friend of mine's animation, which is Flamingo1986's latest gigantic MLP project "Double Rainboom". The animation will essentially be the length of a full-blown episode of MLP:FiM, and will go out of it's way to take advantage of the fact it's a fan-created episode. Plus, it's officially approved by Hasbro, so that's another reason why I'm thrilled to help out with making this a reality. This will also be some wonderful practice for me as well, since this is the closest I'll get to working on a professional animation project until I start looking for internships later on in my college years.

In other words, even if this IS yet another MLP project, it's a project too awesome to pass up. So I'll be going quiet here as a result. I've got some submissions in some other collabs though (such as the Sonic Shorts collections) that should be showing up eventually, so do keep an eye out for those.

Until next time!

Comments (1)

Flamingo1986 ?? isnt that one who created "Present Prank"?
that would be awesome if you help creating the Double Rainboom story
I cant wait for it, and share it to other Ponies, you guys are awesome!

your works are amazing too Piggy, and thats why Im so glad to know it´s comming!
hope you can deal with it man ^,^

I wish both of you luck with the Project! *squeeze*

Yep, that's the same person you're talking about there!

As for the story, I have a little bit of influence with it, but I'm mainly on the project to help with animating. Not much I can say though beyond that.

And thank you, I do appreciate the compliment. I can assure you that we're all doing whatever we can to make Double Rainboom as amazing as possible, and we're gonna try not to let anyone down. I've been faced with some newer opportunities since making this journal entry, including helping Sonic Paradox make an animation for the Summer of Sonic convention, so even if I don't end up making any animations for NG anytime soon, you can be sure that I'm still animating elsewhere for what could be even grander things. :D