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Posted by Piggybank12 - 8 days ago

We've entered another year, which means it's time for a small annual recap!

Looking back for a moment, it's interesting how 2020 was one of the busiest years I've had in a long time, yet still felt like a miserable year in the end. Aside from life milestones like getting my own place, I got to help on a lot of projects last year, ranging from shows to short films, games and even comics. Honestly, it was probably one of the most productive years I've had since 2011-2013... and maybe the exhaustion I'm feeling (along with everything else that happened) is part of why I still walked away feeling miserable.

I guess what also made it frustrating for me, however, is that almost no one will get to see most of the work I did last year for a long time, maybe not even this year. Part of that is my fault, but part of it is also the nature of the business, too. I can't help but always feel like I could do more to somehow get things out sooner.

My hope though is that maybe I'm wrong, and you'll start to see some of the things I've helped with appear in 2021. Fingers crossed!

As for 2021 plans, here's what's immediately around the corner from me personally. No idea why both things are coincidentally Sonic related, other than it just ended up that way. :P


  • My new webcomic Professional Relations went live this week! This was my pet project throughout 2020 whenever I needed the distraction, and after receiving interest in the comics I was making, I've started releasing them on Tapas for those who'd like to read them. I hope someday I can release these on Newgrounds too, but I'm waiting to see if we can maybe get support for comic uploads first, as the Art Portal doesn't seem equipped yet for this kind of content to my knowledge. It's been about five years since I ended Ask Spike Da Dragon, so having a new webcomic to work on again whenever the mood strikes is a nice thing to have.


  • As announced recently by Sonic Paradox, they'll be releasing a remaster soon of two of my films from 2012 and 2013: Tails' New Pet and Sonic Lost World's Parkour Engine! These will be released in a double-feature that I'm putting together, featuring new audio, widescreen support, 4K resolution, and more. I'd also like to look into releasing this collection on Newgrounds, as neither of these shorts have been uploaded on here and I feel better uploading them now that they'll have new copyright-friendly audio accompanying them.

That's all for now, but there's likely more things to come!

Looking forward, I want to try pursuing more of my own projects going into this year, and experience having to direct and manage more team endeavors. I have so many irons in the oven now that it's becoming very difficult to keep up on my own, so I want to look into my options for adapting to this new and very humbling demand I seem to be experiencing.

okay I'm done typing for now, thank you, see you later!


Posted by Piggybank12 - December 14th, 2019


It's time for Rayman to chop your limbs off.

...I mean, it's time for us to talk about the new year.

In hindsight, 2019 was relatively quiet for me compared to 2018 on NG, but I still managed to accomplish creating a new short for the year with alien and bobcat advetnure, so I'm happy about that!

One goal I think I have for 2020 is to try making some new footage that might come closer to the output and quality of some of the cool places I've wanted to work at over this past decade. If possible though, I wanna do something dumb like alien and bobcat too, maybe even as a backup plan in case things get too busy. We'll see what happens!

Also wanna do more collaboration with others, bouncing ideas & feedback off of more cool friends and colleagues, and inviting others to help out on personal projects and short films. It's just no fun working remotely by myself, so I think the solution to that might be to get involved in some stuff and open the doors more, so to speak.

Overall this year ended up being a wild blur, hopping between a small variety of shows and projects like the Hobby Kids Adventures show I mentioned last time (that even has merch at Walmart now, like holy crap I have merch from a show I've worked on sitting on my desk now!!) and other neat things and events, some of which I can't talk about yet, and some of which I can't remember at the moment because that's how fast and crazy this year was. In a way, that's kind of a nice feeling to have.

Lastly, I ended up spending a majority of the year with Pencilmation, having just finished my 10th short with them at the start of the month and capping the year off with playing the teeniest, tiniest part in helping to launch the channel into being the third most-viewed on all of YouTube for 2019. Never could I have imagined anything I helped with would appear in one of those coughterriblecough YouTube Rewind videos, let alone grow to such incredible heights, but it's wonderful to see my work playing even a tiny part in something so big.

It sure does help warm my cold heart during this joyful holiday season.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and thank you again for your support!

anyway, here comes Globox with his chainsaw axe, all set to help Rayman with chopping your limbs off:



Posted by Piggybank12 - June 3rd, 2019


I don't usually talk much about work beyond my personal projects, but since this ended up turning into a couple big milestones for myself (and its been over a year since my last blog post...) I'm gonna take a moment to mention this one!

Recently a new animated show for streaming platforms was announced called Hobby Kids Adventures. I ended up wearing many hats for this show, being an animator, production supervisor and video editor at the start, then moving to being a storyboard artist, then moving once more to becoming a storyboard supervisor and animatic editor by the end of my involvement. This was my first foray with any supervising positions (beyond my own stuff of course, lol) and in hindsight it was a fun learning experience that I think I gained a lot from. The crew on the show did some really cool stuff too, and I was really lucky to have such a great group of people to work with!

I think I also realized after this show that I really love making storyboards. I had kinda just walked into doing boards on an earlier show without much experience and only a desire to help out more, but I quickly grew to love storyboarding while working on this one. It was a job that let me have a lot more oversight of an entire episode and the story within, but without having to animate the whole thing myself. :P

That being said, hopefully someday I might be able to earn the opportunity to work on a board-driven show instead of something script-driven like this was. I found a script made it much easier to draw almost exactly what your client wanted you to draw (and keep within the time limit for the episode), but there were more than a few moments where I felt like I could have said and done so much more had there not been a script in the way, haha. Maybe someday!

Anyway that's all I have to say about that bye for now



Posted by Piggybank12 - March 6th, 2018



I just uploaded a "new" animation onto Newgrounds!  It's called Keev!  And the title does actually end with that exclamation mark!  Wow!

Feel free to check that out!

For a little bit of extra history (and to explain the whole "new" thing), the film was completed in December of 2015 as my senior film before graduating college.  I also entered it into the Edinboro Fall Film Festival, where it somehow walked away with a Silver award!  Which I guess means this is the first film I've made that ever won anything at a festival, so that's really cool!

I never really felt comfortable posting the film much of anywhere though.  It wasn't the film I originally wanted to make for my senior film at the time, but to be fair, the scope of the original project was simply too big to do on my own in time for graduation.  I threw together this project in the span of a semester using some scrapped character designs as a backup plan, and was honestly gobsmacked to see the positive reception it got.

Looking back, I felt bummed out that I didn't get to make something I felt was firing on all cylinders.  And yet, people still seemed to enjoy the film, and I know it was certainly fun to make.  It may not be that really big project that I'm still kicking around as of this writing (over two years later?!), but at least Keev was actually finished, and it honestly didn't turn out half-bad in my book!

Anyway, here's some concept art as thanks for reading my rambling:



Posted by Piggybank12 - May 29th, 2017


Since the game jam is still going for the rest of today, I'm pushing a quick hot n' spicy update for Dust Bunnies your way this Memorial Day!

Some significant stuff, and some little stuff, although those may be rather subjective definitions for the following:

  • Some new options in the Options menu, including WASD key support and swapping the Left and Right mouse buttons!  Combine those with the Space Bar to Jump option to get something much closer to a traditional WASD/Mouse combo.
  • You can now switch weapons by also pressing the 1, 2 or 3 buttons on the keyboard.
  • Normal mode now has some bunnies in the level that are lit on fire!  One touch from a burning bunny will kill you and restart the level, just like in Hard mode where every bunny is lit on fire.  It's not the craziest addition, but I hope this helps get players in Normal mode to be a little more on their toes.
  • Mute buttons for Music and Sound are also included, just in case you want to avoid the possibility of your head exploding after listening to the awesome soundtrack for too long.
  • Adjusted volume of awesome soundtrack down to half as loud, so less speakers and headphones explode when the game starts up.
  • Bunnies that are on fire now have a reddish tint to them.  Helps a ton with identifying them from harmless bunnies in a crowd, so you know which way to run away from.

Hopefully I didn't break anything else!  Feel free to let me know if you run into any problems!

Thanks again for checking the game out, and also to everyone who sent in their thoughts so far that inspired these fixes!

Posted by Piggybank12 - May 27th, 2017


I made a game for the Construct 3 Game Jam!  It's about shooting dust bunnies with three different weapons!  Because maybe that ties it enough into the "threes" theme of the game jam!  Feel free to check it out!


I'm not much of a programmer (more of an animator kinda guy myself), but it was awesome getting to take part in my first game jam.  It's something I've always wanted to take part in!


Posted by Piggybank12 - October 8th, 2016

Just wanted to update this blog.

Been thinking very much about posting some new content to NG, provided I can get around to making something new soon.  This whole year has been a big drag for me, to say the least.  However, I still can't seem to stop drawing, so it's probably inevitable that I'll make something new eventually.

In the meantime, I'll include a little preview to show where I'm at these days.  The goal would be to start making content that goes into some new territory for me, both with what tools I use and what stories I tell.


Posted by Piggybank12 - October 30th, 2014

Been long overdue to put a new post up on this account (it's been over two years already?!), so I'll do that right now!

Things have changed a bit for me since I last posted anything here on NG.  I've worked on a few projects for a handful of people and studios, got to attend Youmacon 2013 with the Sonic Paradox team and work at an artist alley table (which is a ton of fun by the way; getting to sit at a table and let people watch you draw stuff all day is something I can't get enough of, haha), and have been studying many different forms of art and culture to bring some variety to my work.  I am also (as of this writing) doing an internship for a studio in-between classes at college, so that has been keeping me busy too.  In the end though, my personal projects have consisted of a lot of throwing ideas and concepts at a wall, and seeing what sticks.  But nothing has really stuck, and my lack of completion is really starting to wear me down.

I'm going to try to fix this though.  I really want to get back to being an animator and animating things.  Making concept art, character designs, comics, storyboards and animatics is fun and all, but my real pride and joy is in animation!

I will not give up.  I will make this work.

With that said, thank you to everyone who has been following my profile!  It means quite a lot to me!  I hope someday I can post something new on NG again, since I have NG to partially thank for helping me to get started in animation.  It seems only right to come back, actually.

Posted by Piggybank12 - April 3rd, 2012

I wanna make a quick update or two here before I go running off to do some more homework, so I'll do just that.

First off, thank you everyone for the HUGE support you showed for True Friendship. It means a lot to me, and I'm completely blown away by the support it's received. I'm also very sorry that I haven't been able to even come close to answering all the reviews I've received for it, but I do read them all and take note of all the feedback. Yes, ALL OF IT.

Also, as for my activity here on Newgrouds, expect me to go quiet here for a while. I tend not to post anything here on Newgrounds unless it's finished, substantial and is something I think all you folks would like. In other words, you get the best of the best here on NG, but you'll have to wait a while before my next big projects show up here.

And lastly, I have some bad news to report for some of you and some awesome news for the rest. I apparently lied about True Friendship being my last My Little Pony animation project. Yes, I know, I said many times True Friendship would be my very last MLP project unless I got pulled into a studio project and/or I got hired to work for something involved with the show. Apparently, much to my great joy, the former happened.

I have volunteered to help animate segments and do storyboarding for a friend of mine's animation, which is Flamingo1986's latest gigantic MLP project "Double Rainboom". The animation will essentially be the length of a full-blown episode of MLP:FiM, and will go out of it's way to take advantage of the fact it's a fan-created episode. Plus, it's officially approved by Hasbro, so that's another reason why I'm thrilled to help out with making this a reality. This will also be some wonderful practice for me as well, since this is the closest I'll get to working on a professional animation project until I start looking for internships later on in my college years.

In other words, even if this IS yet another MLP project, it's a project too awesome to pass up. So I'll be going quiet here as a result. I've got some submissions in some other collabs though (such as the Sonic Shorts collections) that should be showing up eventually, so do keep an eye out for those.

Until next time!

Posted by Piggybank12 - February 12th, 2012

Wow, that last journal entry sounds pretty rough when you read it today. How about in an effort to get that old entry off my profile page, let's just stick with a good ol' update on things happening for me recently instead!

First off, I have been really quiet here on NG. Some might say I've been TOO quiet, especially with how key NG was with getting me rolling with animation. To be blunt, I've been doing a plethora of animation work recently, for not just me but many other people and groups as well. I'm currently pursuing an animation degree at my college, and have been extremely fortunate in getting to make a lot of friends with people in the field, both professionals and hobbyists. As a result, I've made leaps and bounds over what my last submission here as of this writing had accomplished, and I have a lot of talented people to thank for that.

So, with that said, as for keeping NG updated with my submissions, that is something I am not sure I will be able to do much anymore, at least not directly. I have a Sonic Short for the Sonic Shorts Collection that will hopefully be coming your way soon via TheWax70, and I am considering submitting my latest big project here as well (except it's my last big My Little Pony creation; I don't know if people here would really go for that or not...), but beyond that is a mystery.

I've been making lots of animated content recently of all kinds for many things and people, but I'll submit to NG simply when I feel the time is right. Got to try and have some level of quality here, am I right?

Until next time!